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Defrost on Flickr.

Most of our ice from winter has melted as the temperature continues to warm up, real spring should be near :)
Thank you winter, it was a ‘blast but its time for spring to ‘shine

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Fire and Ice IV on Flickr.

Fourth and last edition to the aftermath of the 2013 ice storm: Fire and Ice

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I might as well make the best of winter while we wait for spring. The warm week back in February created a nice little creek at Bluffer’s Park in Scarborough. The sunset was quite strong and not much cloud cover was in the sky. I had the trees in the distance and the peak of the Bluffs to help get the shot I wanted. I didn’t check the weather to plan the setting but I was in the neighbourhood so I decided to come here for a walk.

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A really stubborn winter. After some late winter snow last week, it melted the next day or two. We’re not out of the woods yet. Although the start of spring officially has begun as of yesterday, Old Man WInter is still lingering around. Back to the minus next week. Maybe he missed his return flight home this season or maybe he just loves us so much that he ought stick around a little longer.

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Official start of spring is only a few days away yet the cold still lingers around like a long-term reminder of winter. I enjoy the snow and all the icy wonders that winter brings but I am really for spring and its colours :)

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Its been a rollercoaster ride of a winter season. A devastating ice storm, some snow ( I’m fine with it i love snow) but the on and off warming and freezing gets a little annoying. This week for example, Mother Nature teased us with a 11 C ‘spring like’ day, the next blowing snow and back to the minus. Today its warming up again. I should expect some significant melting and possible flooding in our backyard especially if you have a dipped/slanted pavement like ours.

Enough of my rant LOL
I’ve took a hike on several occasions to Scaborough Bluffs over the past few weeks. Its beautiful to look it. Some areas were already slushy and slippery but found this gapping hole just before the beach. A bit of water was heard flowing underneath the soft ice so I didn’t stick around long for after this shot :D

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City and Ice on Flickr.

Much of the areas along the waterfront was still frozen for the most part of Lake Ontario. I stood over to look at Polson Pier and to notice many debris out into the frozen lake. Most of the debris was abandoned tripods LOL. I guess the ice was not solid all the way through and a few photographers high tailed out of there once they felt/heard the ice crack beneath them leaving their tripod there.

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Spacecraft on Flickr.

One from the archives for this upload. Taken initially for sunset at Centre Island underneath the pier on the southern end last summer. I’ve never taken it this late at this spot and didn’t realized the lights on the pier. But as soon as it was lit up I assumed that it would just become blinded with flares but it turns out looking kinda abstract. A very different result as expected. I tried to keep still and not knock my camera off the tripod while swiping away the gnats and mosquitoes from my face:D

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